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Studio Vandiesen, based in The Hague, is a graphic design studio operating in various design areas, such as identity-, campaign-design, print and illustration. We take pride in developing new concepts and visuals, but also provide dedicated support to 'MarCom' departments by rolling out and/or supervision of campaigns

Our work is characterized by a playful and daring, but well-thought-out use of visual elements. What really sets us apart is the flexibility with which we handle existing designs and identities and use them as the foundation for new projects.

Understanding and getting to know each other is at the heart of how we work.

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Jeroen van Diesen (Rotterdam, 1985) is a dedicated graphic designer known for his conceptual approach and bold visual gestures, complemented by a love for delicate visual compositions.

His artistic journey took him to various institutions, including the Willem de Kooning Academy, where he initially focused on illustration. After two years of research, however, he discovered his true calling in graphic design and switched to the Royal Academy of Art in The Hague. It was here where Jeroen's passion for graphic design flourished, and in 2014, he proudly graduated with a bachelor's degree in Graphic Design.

A few years after graduation, Jeroen launched Studio Vandiesen as a side project, allowing him to explore his creativity while collaborating with the cutting-edge legal design startup, Visual Contracts.

At Visual Contracts, Jeroen played a pivotal role in the development of visually appealing and understandable employment contracts for cleaners, earning significant recognition, including a nomination and victory for their CSU Visual Employment Contract in the "Best Legal Design" category at the esteemed Golden Hourglass Awards in 2021.

With a profound commitment to traditional graphic design and a deep appreciation for the conceptual freedom it provides, Jeroen decided to focus full time on Studio Vandiesen after leaving Visual Contracts in 2021. Embracing his passion for creativity, he is dedicated to delivering innovative and compelling design solutions through Studio Vandiesen.


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